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Fundada em 2011 por repórteres mulheres, a Pública é a primeira agência de jornalismo investigativo sem fins lucrativos do Brasil. Produz reportagens de fôlego, pautadas pelo interesse público, produzidas com base na rigorosa apuração dos fatos e na defesa intransigente dos direitos humanos.


Cientistas na linha de frente
Science outreach / Podcast

We live in a unique moment in the history of Brazil in which the field of knowledge is under attack. The podcast “Cientistas na linha de frente” (Scientists on the Front Line) tells the story of science heroes who today have not only their studies and funding threatened but, in some cases, their safety. The report travels around Brazil searching for stories and transports the listener into the investigation. Each episode addresses a different universe and brings not only the human side of the researchers who work on the topic and the pressure they face daily – and their passion and commitment to science – but also details the scientific work and advances they carry out. The series allows a dive into the reality of professionals who work with statistical institutes, reproductive rights, pesticides, environmental protection, and the demarcation of indigenous lands.

Recursos investidos

Grant 2019: R$ 100.000,00
Agência Pública
Science outreach / Journalism

The project seeks to develop research on the impact of online platforms on Brazilian democracy, considering the specificities of the country’s media ecosystem. It mainly intends to develop technologies and methods to diagnose strategies for producing and amplifying scientific denialism to support the debate, public policies, and advocacy initiatives on scientific, environmental and political disinformation. The work is done in São Paulo and Brasília. Another goal of the project is to develop good practices to encourage diversity.

Recursos investidos

Grant 2023: 200.000,00
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