Bernardo Esteves


Jornalista de ciência da revista Piauí.


Admirável novo mundo
Science outreach / Journalism

Where did we come from? “Admirável novo mundo” (“Brave New World”) uses indigenous knowledge and the most varied disciplines- archaeology, physics, genetics, linguistics- to tell the story of the first American peoples. If that weren’t a fascinating enough question, Bernardo Esteves, a journalist and doctor in the history of sciences, asks us what scientists ignore when constructing their truths.

The result of extensive research, with an emphasis on investigations at Brazilian archaeological sites, the work takes on the difficult task of decolonizing human history on the continent. We are presented with other possible narratives that are overlooked around the world- whether due to scientific imperialism, disinvestment in Brazilian academic production, or the prevalence of orality in Latin American indigenous peoples compared to European writing. This book is a rare jewel of scientific outreach in Brazil.

Recursos investidos

Grant 2021: R$ 30.000,00