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XVIII Congresso RedPOP
Science outreach / Events and Programs

One of Latin America’s most significant scientific outreach events occurred in Brazil in 2023. The 18th edition of the RedPOP Congress had the theme “Diverse Voices: A Dialogue between Knowledge and Inclusion in the Popularization of Science”. It seeks to show the importance of different cultures, perspectives and contexts that add to the diversity of the popularization and dissemination of science in Latin America and the rest of the world. Held at the Fiocruz Museum of Life, in Rio de Janeiro, between the 10th and 16th of July, the meeting put together a diverse program with academic, artistic and interactive attractions on various essential topics for science outreach, fostering a space for exchanges between disseminators, educators, journalists, museologists and artists. The Serrapilheira Institute supports RedPOP203 with partial and full scholarships for participants from Brazil, Latin America and the Caribbean, in addition to holding the public event.

Steering Committee

Héliton Barros – Head of the Fiocruz Life Museum

Ana Carolina Gonzalez

Denise Studart

Diego Bevilaqua

Hilda Gomes

Luís Amorim

Marcus Soares

Miliana Fernandes

Recursos investidos

Grant 2023: R$ 150.000,00