Núcleo Jornalismo



Science Pulse
Science outreach / Digital Media, Social media

Who are the scientists who guide social networks? Science Pulse, a Núcleo Jornalismo platform, is a social listening tool focused on scientific dissemination. The curation has over 1,500 profiles of scientists, experts and institutions from Brazil and worldwide. In addition to an automated application, the project built a database with millions of publications on Twitter, most about health and the global pandemic crisis. This data will allow the creation of new studies and metrics to evaluate the dissemination and impact of science in Brazil.

The project also features the Polígono newsletter, specialized in exploring and analyzing the scientific debate on the networks, curated by journalist Luiza Caires; two reports on science on social media, especially on Twitter; and an automated index that will measure the temperature of science and scientific communication on the networks, pointing out the most active profiles and the hottest topics.

Recursos investidos

Grant 2021: R$ 71.000,00
Grant 2022: R$ 70.000,00
Grant 2023: R$ 163.200,00