Sleeping Giants



Fraude na ciência não
Science outreach / Politics

The project raises fraudulent narratives, identifies the propagators of these discourses, and exposes the financial sustainability of the science-related disinformation industry. With the support of Serrapilheira, a diagnosis was made of the permissiveness of platforms for the dissemination of false information about scientific consensus, especially about vaccination, the use of drugs proven to be ineffective against COVID-19, global warming, and public policies, such as quotas.

The mapped information focused on platform regulation processes, such as Bill 2630, and discussions at the Ministry of Health about the recovery of vaccination coverage. It also supported the production of content from influencers and pages focused on defending health, the environment and universities, helping to strengthen a network of creators with more than 3 million followers.

Recursos investidos

Grant 2022: R$ 208.000,00