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3i Festival
Science outreach / Events and Programs

One of Latin America’s leading events in journalism and entrepreneurship, the 3i Festival is back in Rio de Janeiro for its 5th national edition. The traditional panel discussions covering the most challenging topics for the future of journalism are returning, accompanied by workshops, success stories, and new formats such as the ‘Data and Trends’ sessions. The 2024 3i Festival welcomes students, journalists, leaders of journalistic initiatives, and entrepreneurs for three days of learning and networking. On the agenda: the sustainability of the ecosystem and the best paths in pursuit of fostering increasingly innovative, inspiring, and independent journalism.

The event is organized by Ajor (Digital Journalism Association), representing over 150 media organizations in the country.

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Grant 2024: R$ 50.000,00
Como cobrir: ciência
Science outreach / Podcast

In the format of short audio guides, with easy and objective language, the podcast “Como cobrir: ciência” (How to Cover: Science), from Ajor – Digital Journalism Association – brings tips, suggestions and ideas on how to approach the most different topics in science in the daily coverage of newsrooms across the country. Coordinated by Géssika Costa, the series aims to expand and provide more quality to the production of content on the subject in the Brazilian press and contribute to the fight against misinformation in society. Carried out in partnership with Agência Bori and Escuta Aqui Áudio.

Listen here.

Recursos investidos

Grant 2022: R$ 55.000,00