Folha de S.Paulo


Folha de S.Paulo, também conhecida como Folha de São Paulo ou simplesmente Folha, é um jornal brasileiro editado na cidade de São Paulo e jornal de maior circulação do Brasil, com 332.415 exemplares, segundo o Instituto Verificador de Comunicação, em março de 2019.


Brazil and Its Many Pandemics
Science outreach / Journalism

Serrapilheira and Folha de S. Paulo collaborated on “O Brasil das várias pandemias”, a series of special reports (text, photos, infographics, and videos) on the impact of COVID-19 on different Brazilian cities. The cities were chosen based on data from the Epicovid19 survey.

Recursos investidos

R$ 50.000,00
Training in Science and Health Journalism
Science outreach / Journalism

Of the 50 thousand journalists working in Brazil, only 250 write about science, and few are, in fact, specialized. Seeking to improve the Brazilian press scenario on the subject, Folha de S. Paulo promotes the 6th Training Program in Science and Health Journalism. In the 2020 format, the course will last three months, during which participants will attend lectures with scientists who work in Brazil and abroad, doctors and public health specialists, Folha reporters, and editors. The most frequent topics in the news will be covered in depth, from the effectiveness of vaccines to suborbital flights. Exercises and activities will be used to train how to choose an agenda among scientific papers, put together a teaching infographic, choose reliable sources, write in an accessible way without clichés, etc.

Recursos investidos

Grant 2021: R$ 200.000,00
Grant 2023: R$ 100.000,00
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