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Evidências em Debate
Science outreach / Politics

In the “Evidências em Debate” (Evidence Under Debate) project, journalist Marcelo Soares, director of the data intelligence studio Lagom Data, sought to identify how scientific evidence is introduced into the political debate. The prototype analyzed the transcripts of all Pandemic Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (PIC) sessions to locate mentions, even if oblique, of studies. These were then identified and categorized to understand patterns of evidence use in science. The final report was distributed by Agência Bori, also a Serrapilheira grantee. It showed that biased studies, with methodological flaws and so-called pseudoscience, were more prominent and were used to divert attention from quality scientific research during the Pandemic PIC.

One of Brazil’s pioneers of data journalism, Soares has Esso, Petrobras and Synapsis/FBH awards on his CV. His company, Lagom Data, collaborates with press vehicles and third-sector entities to collect, analyze and visualize data.

See the final report here.

Recursos investidos

Grant 2022: R$ 47.500,00