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Ciência da fome
Science outreach / Podcast

The drama of hunger in Brazil is evident. The problem returns to the scenario of the 1990s. More than 33 million Brazilians are hungry (Source: PENSSAN Network). Why do we return to this human tragedy? Who lacks food and why? What can science do to combat hunger?

The 5-episode podcast series aims to discuss the role of science in the complex national scenario of combating hunger, covering topics such as food insecurity, malnutrition, sustainable eating, agricultural models and access to food. Travelling around Brazil, the program focuses on subjects such as technology, public policy development, education and research, and, mainly, life stories.

The series was broadcasted on Rádio Brasil Atual (98.9 FM, in Greater São Paulo), published on podcast platforms, and freely available for retransmission by any broadcaster in the country.

Listen to the six episodes of the program here.

Recursos investidos

Grant 2022: R$ 50.000,00