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Yes, nós temos ciência psicodélica
Science outreach / Journalism

The series of reports “Yes, nós temos ciência psicodélica” (Yes, we have psychedelic science), by journalist Carlos Minuano in partnership with CartaCapital magazine, will tell the intriguing and controversial story of psychedelic science in Brazil. From the first studies with LSD and magic mushrooms at the Hospital das Clínicas in São Paulo in the 1950s to the current scenario, with dozens of study centres spread across different states in the country. Through interviews with scientists from different areas, the project aims to show how psychedelics have reached the current moment of enthusiasm and effervescence in the Brazilian scientific field. The content will also be published in the digital magazine Psicodelicidade and Correio (Bahia) newspaper.

Check out the reports:

The Brave New Psychedelic World

DMT, the ‘spirit molecule’ that could become a treatment for depression

Research with ‘mini-brains’ seeks to understand the effects of ayahuasca

Recursos investidos

Grant 2022: R$ 50.000,00