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Axé das Plantas
Science outreach / Podcast

In the podcast “Axé das Plantas: Healing of Body and Soul,” Victor Silva, a postdoctoral fellow in neuropharmacology, and Vagner Rocha, a PhD in ethnic and African studies, discuss with priests and priestesses of African and indigenous religions, as well as pharmacology researchers, the herbal properties of plants applied for the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Over five episodes, the program utilizes narrative, conversational, and documentary elements to address topics such as scientific discoveries about the medicinal properties of plants, ancestral wisdom, traditional medicine, oral tradition, and ancestry, as well as environmental and religious racism.

The podcast team includes Marise Urbano (direction), Marconi Bispo (script), Danielle Freire (editing), Jean Cardoso (production and press liaison), Davi Barreto (visual programming), Romeran Ribeiro (social media management), Márcia Silva, and the UFBA research team (consultants in ethnopharmacology).

Recursos investidos

Grant 2023: R$ 50.000,00