Agência Bori


A Bori reúne, em uma plataforma, estudos científicos de universidades e de institutos de pesquisa de todo o país com embargo (ou seja: estarão disponíveis para os jornalistas antes de serem oficialmente publicados). Assim como na EurekAlert, esses estudos serão acompanhados de press releases, do contato do autor porta-voz e de material audiovisual para facilitar a cobertura dos jornalistas.


Agência Bori
Science outreach / Journalism

Brazil is among the 15 largest science producers in the world, but few studies are published in the press and end up not reaching society. In 2018 alone, 70 thousand Brazilian scientific articles were published. Agência Bori’s (Bori Agency) mission is to increase the presence of science in the national media and, thus, expand society’s access to knowledge produced in the country. On one platform, Bori brings together studies from national universities and research institutes with embargoes (in other words, they are available to journalists before they are officially published). This content is accompanied by press releases, contact information for the spokesperson author and audiovisual material to facilitate coverage by reporters. Journalist Sabine Righetti and biomedical doctor Ana Paula Morales coordinate the agency.

Recursos investidos

Grant 2018: R$ 100.000,00
Grant 2019: R$ 100.000,00
Grant 2021: R$ 300.000,00
Grant 2022: R$ 300.000,00

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